Who am I and how did you end up in my blog you say?

Good questions!

Hi, my name is Martha Idalhí (my mom felt fancy and I got 2 first names, score).

I like cooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, sculpting, painting, drawing, swimming, dancing, traveling, photographing, writing, reading, joking, living, eating, gardening, and making people annoyed with long lists separated by commas.
I’m a woman, a mom, and a wife. I work from home most of the time, I am in the north of México.
Through social media I’ve made good friends from all over the world, I love to learn about cultures different to mine.

This is my blog, which I share with my husband Esdras, so I should say, this is our blog, but I won’t because I’m selfish like that.

Welcome! Stay and browse around, ask me questions, leave a comment if you’d like, let’s get to know each other.