Sketches, studies and scrambled minds.

I have been busy lately, so blogging just escaped my mind completely. I am new to this whole social media world relatively, so it’s going to take me some time to get used to get on it regularly.

I’ve been focusing on learning; drawing and sketching, learning about video editing and audio manipulation, I feel slightly overwhelmed by it all to be honest. I am making progress though, at least in my art, I think.

Portraits are not a new thing for me, I used to draw portraits in school, since I was very young for homework assignments, I would use a small lithography of a national hero and then draw the person on a cardstock sheet. Teachers would grade it and that was it. Never thought any of it.
But now, as an adult I see portraits in a different light, they are like photographs, yes, but not quite, there is something about portraits that captures something photos can’t, and I think this thing that gets imprinted in the drawing is part of the artist, their point of view, like looking at people in the portrait through someone else’s eyes.

I’ve see photographers achieve this too, don’t get me wrong, photography is an art of its own, you can see the view and into the soul of the photographer in their photos, but with drawing is different -for me- probably because I draw and I know that sometimes accuracy has nothing to do with realism, sometimes you measure a face in a photo and start to draw, your picture is accurate but somehow it doesn’t look realistic enough, so you tweak it, you make it less accurate, and then it comes alive, like magick, there’s a person looking at you from the sketchbook, someone you can relate to in some way.

I wonder, is it the flaws?
Do we, as humans find a kind of comfort in the flaws?
Is “too perfect” a thing?

I obviously know of photorealistic artists who achieve this same feeling when you look at their paintings and drawings, but I always find something that is not quite “right” and yet it makes the piece perfect in my eyes.
So as I draw and learn, I keep wondering about this secret formula, this factor that remains undetermined.

Not going to go too deep into this right now, because I myself can’t put it into words as eloquently as I would like to, instead, let me show you some of my studies.
I am in no way a pro at this, so be kind and I’ll be grateful.
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~Martha idalhi.

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