Out with the funk

Maybe is the change of seasons, that lapse of time when your body doesn’t know what’s going on, or maybe it does but your mind just can’t keep up with your natural physical reactions to the weather, but I always get in this weird mood, like I’m in the bottom of a pit and can’t get out and the light just doesn’t reach me. I’m tired mentally of this so I’m forcing my way out of it.
What better way to do it than to keep busy on things that make me happy.

I’m going through supplies and tools, trying to figure out the best way to organize my space. I haven’t mentioned this before so I’ll do it now, my house is small, cozy but very small, so space is an issue.


My 26 year old Bob Ross canvas bag. It has seen better days.

Currently my art stuff is contained in a big old canvas bag (see above) or inside my easel which is also a sort of suitcase and in a couple of boxes, the goal is to build a bookcase/computer desk with iron pipes and wood, big enough to place all of mine and Esdras’ stuff in order and neatly.
We are one of those annoying couples who sit next to each other at their computers to play together, work or just hang out in silence doing each our own thing. Being alone together, it’s a good feeling.

Since I’ve just recently retaken the painting and drawing habit I don’t have many things fortunately, but with the setting of my online shop, the actual crafting of the products, which is done entirely by me and by hand, the shortage of space and of proper storage are getting more noticeable.

The indoors plants we have are getting a little out of hand in numbers too, which I love, because the smell of fresh herbs and wet earth is lovely but man, do they grow fast! It doesn’t help when we get excited and buy more.

The paper for prints and products got here at the end of last month, so did my blocks of watercolor paper and some inks. I’ve been meaning to start working on those but haven’t yet. I still need to focus on finishing my initial project which was a series of small illustrations about traditional Mexican images, so I can move onto creating some pieces of jewelry I have already designed and planned.

Currently I’m waiting for an octopus style base for the camera because I plan on filming painting time lapses. The delivery guy can’t get here soon enough.
You know when you read or hear a phrase and it registers but not really and it takes a life occurrence for you to go “Ooh, now I got it”? That’s me, I want to do so many things at once that the phrase of Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of The Rings came to mind:

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

Because it’s not just my things that need to get done, obviously the house can’t attend to itself, there’s cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping for 4 that needs to get done, and if there’s time left, sleeping and showering sound good too. Tee hee.

For now, though, this very moment is mine, to just focus and paint. Testing new toys as well, this bamboo brush with horse hair (no horses were harmed in the making of this brush, I double checked) specifically, it’s meant for calligraphy so I’ll see how this turns out, not complaining, just curious to see it perform.


Tea, the smell of the fresh herbs near me, some Lucy Rose playing in the background, the sound and smell of rain from outside, my kids and husband playing nearby while summer vacation last, my bare feet on the ceramic floor, paper and paints before me. This is life. This is what polaroids can’t capture. I try to capture it in writing, so I remember and for my kids read it maybe one day and know my thoughts, as boring as they may be.


Tea, watercolors, paper, and peace of mind.

I have so much to do and it’s so exciting, no time for funk, no time for boring.
Expect to see more from this blog in the days to come, because I’m drawing and painting like there’s no tomorrow and I’ll post about it, of course, because that’s what I do.

If you want quicker updates you can also follow my personal Instagram which is


Still working as hard as I can on my Etsy shop, dependent on the kindness of strangers over at the post office and delivery services as always. It’s not ideas that I’m lacking, oh no, it’s materials.
You’ll see. I can’t wait to show you!

~Martha Idalhí.

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