Art, rainy days, and changing plans

I had my week all figured out, made an entry on my July calendar in my journal and everything. Things were getting done orderly and efficiently then life went “Hahaha” on me.
It’s raining, it has been for a few days in a row now, it’s windy and I love it but it’s making me postpone things I really wanted to do.

Painting the kitchen is one of them.
After touring around for a while on Pinterest I found the most beautiful shade of blue-green, deep and strong, like the depths of the ocean (dramatic music), and to accompany it a buttery yellow for the door and a “in your face-screaming” Mexican pink for the wall on the outside of the kitchen that you can see from the inside.
I love them, it’s like a 90’s windbreaker jacket got deconstructed into shades of color.
Don’t judge me. Look at them!

But alas, I can’t do that, I must stay indoors and that means I can’t wash my paint rollers and brush etc. outside, so that will have to wait.

I went shopping instead before the sky decided to pour down more water over this earth, unfortunately everyone else had the same idea. Look at this sad view, it’s like an empty stadium, all those lonely and spread out bananas.


Lonely bananas, nobody chose you…

I am stalled from painting more because I am patiently (Ha, as if) waiting for my delivery of artist grade paper to arrive. Oh acquarello fabriano artistico, how I miss you.
So I’ve been sketching instead, trying to improve my anatomy skills.

Still a long way to go before I get where I want to be in drawing.

I’ve also started micro-sculpting for our Etsy shop, I have a very clear vision of what I’m creating.
I also have this feeling of satisfaction you can only get from things turning out exactly how you pictured them. Hoping it continues like this.
I love making art, working on it again brings me great joy.


Rain can keep pouring, wind can keep blowing. I have coffee, I have breakfast, the occasional ray of sunshine, and the ability to adapt!


Do you adapt easily?
Are you like me and even though you try to take changing your plans in the best possible way, still find yourself going back at wanting to stick to your original ideas?

“With age comes patience” my family says.

I think I have the getting old part figured out, still waiting for the patience.

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